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This year has started off to an okay start I guess. Took the kids to Ihop and we all talked about one thing we wanted to change about ourselves and one thing we would want to change about each other. It was nice to hear the way other people in your family sees you. All were good points and I am going to try and change those things.

I went to bed very early the last two days. Since the kids had no school I let them stay up late and it was hard getting back into our routine. But today everyone woke up at 5:30 am so I think we are good. Yesterday I got up and did the girl's hair and their nails and today I made everyone breakfast. I needed a paper printed and so I asked my husband to please fix the printer. He said it was going to take more time than he had and so I said okay never mind then and was fine. But he sat there messed with it some more and then got all mad at me and spoke to me as if I were a child and told me I should have told him last night. From there all hell broke loose and we had our 1st fight of the year.

I always hate when we fight cause it makes me feel so helpless. It reminds me that cause I am a housewife I have no rights. I want to stop feeling this way and wonder if its a me thing or an every housewife thing. When did it become okay to assume cause I stay home I don't matter. Sure he has to get to work but I need to take care of the kids. He is a man and could take the bus to work so that I don't have to walk with 4 kids in the rain to school. But the least he can do is run an errand or two when I ask him to. I don't like to fight with him cause it gets nowhere. Just wished he could see how stressed out I am having to run this house. I would love to be able to just go to work and have everything just happened around me like he does. I wonder if I were a lesbian if I would have this problem too!

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